Turn your PC into XBOX Console

Turn Gaming is a passion to many of us. Some of us are Console gamers and some are PC gamers.

There is always a cold war between Console gamers and PC gamers.

Console gamers are those who like to sit far away from TV, relax themselves in a comfortable sofa and use hassle free wireless controllers to play games. Console gamers have the benefit of enjoying the platform exclusives. Most of the Console gamers usually enjoy the story being told in game along with game play aspects.

With the latest list of Playstation games, PS4 gamers are really looking forward to great games ahead. Also with the release of Xbox One X, many games are now being patched to support 4K and they play great on Xbox One X with eye catching detail and very less loading times.

But there is one thing Console gamers really feel jealous about PC gamers. Some of them are

1.) Huge range of games available for PC

2.) Cheaper price.

3.) Better graphics and more flexibility in terms of hardware

Most of the console gamers donot like the aspect of sitting close to monitors and using keyboard and mouse to play games. No offense to PC gamers, keyboard and mouse are great way to play games and they are fast and accurate in shooting games. But most of the console gamers enjoy playing with controllers rather than keyboard and mouse, sitting far away from their television sets.

If you are a Console gamer but also want to play PC games like the way you play Console, then this article will help you turn your PC into a Xbox One X.

Most of the gamers should already have been aware that almost all the PC Games support playing with Xbox Controller. The mapping is already built in each game. If you open a PC game, while Xbox Controller connected to PC either via cable or bluetooth, game detects the controller and you should be able to play game with controller.

But the frustrating part is you still need Keyboard and Mouse to start your PC and start the game. After inside the game, you use your Xbox controller to play games. So it is not practical to hook up your PC at TV set in living room with Mouse and keyboard.

Now we will learn how to hook up your PC in living room TV set. Control PC and Start the game without Mouse and keyboard.

The first and Obvious thing is you need to buy a PC with good configuration and set it up at your TV set directly. I have a 2 years old PC with below configuration. The configuration I have is not upto today’s standards, but I expect it to run for 2 more years for future games.

PSU – 500 W. More is also good.

Graphic Card – GTX 970

CPU – I5 4690K

Mother Board – Gigabyte gaming MB

Hard Disk – 1TB

To begin configuring things into your PC, so as to turn your PC into a Console, you basically need Keyboard and Mouse in the beginning. After the configurations, we wont use them anymore to control your PC.

So hook up your PC to TV/Monitor.

From here are the details step by step.

Remove account password for your Windows account. Your PC needs to set up in a way, that when you turn your PC on, it should directly come to Desktop page. So set up only user id without any password.


Install software “Unified Remote” in your system. There is also “Unified Remote” App which you need to download into your Smartphone. It is available for both Android and IOS.
Link for the software and App can be found at https://www.unifiedremote.com/

With the software installed in your PC and App installed your Smartphone, connect both the devices to same WIFI network. The Unified Remote software is automatically enabled to start up when PC is powered up. If not, change settings to automatically start when PC is powered up.

Now Check App->Menu->Servers. Here you see that your PC is now available as a Server to connect for your App. Connect it.
Now again Check App->Menu->Remotes. Here you see list of remotes available. “Basic Input” is the main remote we use to achieve our purpose.
Opening “Basic Input” and moving your your finger over the area, will act as Mouse in your PC now. In the bottom left, there is option to press key board icon and type whatever you want to use it as a key board.

So as of now you are able to control your PC with your smart phone. No keyboard and Mouse needed after above steps. But the main feature of a Console gamer is playing games with Controller.
Wired Controller doesn’t give the joy of a Console. So we need to go with a wireless controller.

If you are a Xbox gamer then you already have a wireless Xbox controller. So it is well and good. You can use the same.
But if you are a Playstation gamer, then you can use your PS4 controller to connect it to PC. Then use it as a Xbox Controller.

For this download and install DS4Windows in your PC.
Link for the software is ds4windows.com

Follow the steps in the link. With the steps followed correctly, you will now have Xbox Controller drives set up in your PC.

Now Connect your PS4 controller to PC with “Add bluetooth device” option. Once the controller is connected to PC, DS4Windows automatically recognizes the controller and makes it a Xbox Controller for PC.

Now you have a wireless controller too. All the set up is now complete.

So if you hook up your PC to TV in living room and power it up, PC opens up directly to Desktop as NO password is set up.

Now Unified Remote automatically starts in your PC. With the steps from 3 & 4, you are now able to control your PC with your smartphone.

Open up DS4Windows in your PC, by controlling from your smartphone.

Now press the PS button of your PS4 controller and the controller is automatically recognized as Xbox Controller.

Run the EXE file your game, by controlling from your smartphone.

VOILA. You are now playing the game with your Xbox Controller. No Keyboard or Mouse needed.

But I know that you still have one thing in your mind. With this set up, we won’t be able to use the PC for other purposes.

Well you are in luck. There are many ways you can use your PC for general purposes, with it still in tied to TV in living room.

You can use another laptop to connect to your PC via “Remote Desktop Connection”. But to have “Remote Desktop Connection” it is necessary for PC to have password set up. So you need to make below steps in your PC, which enables your PC to be connected as Remote desktop without password.

Alternatively you can install App – “Microsoft Remote Desktop” in your Smartphone or Tab. Then connect to PC via App and use it.

I hope you like the article. If you like it, please share the link to other gamers also and Please do leave your comments.

Happy Gaming 🙂

Craving for Gaming

It’s a powerful desire.
You always want to game. You think about it in office. You think about it in sleep. You think about it your free time.

Many of us who game regularly have a very powerful desire to keep on gaming. We are afraid to lose this desire. We want this to continue and we enjoy it so much, that we think about gaming our entire life.

We surf Youtube for trailers. We see them repeatedly and never get bored of them. Seeing the trailers gets us more excited and we eagerly wait for the release of the game.

We constantly surf through in-numerous gaming forums to read news on games. More importantly we want to know, share and understand what other gamers think about a game we like or dislike.

If you are one of those who have some of the symptoms above, then you are gamer like me. Gaming is like drugs to us. I enjoy games a lot, but what I realized lately is I enjoy more to surf about them. If I want to play game 2 hours for a day, I like to surf about it all day in office or during my free hours.

It worries all of us sometimes that we would not have the time in near future, the time we have now to play games. Never worry, I have seen many people aging in their 50’s also. It’s just that they are able to allocate less time, than they could in their 30’s.

But this Craving for Gaming should be a controlled schedule rather than a disorder.No one should game continuously more than 2 to 3 hours. More screen time causes illusions and reaction to graphical sensitivity may trigger.
One needs to take time after their gaming session, to relax and interact real world.

I have seen people losing the line between real world and game world. This causes social disconnect leading to loneliness in real world. Those people end up with friends only in gaming sessions for multiplayer events.

Assumption of Parents on Craving for Gaming
Parents assume that gaming is just for fun and passing time. True there are games which are designed specifically for wasting time like Farmville in facebook.

But if Parents had enough knowledge to understand different type of games, they could guide their children towards right games. There are games built with puzzle platforms or action oriented games with logical thinking.

So it is a must for Parents also to learn and understand different types of games produced in market, rather than just buying random games and giving them to their children.

Everyone in the gaming world already knows that gaming is NOT waste of time, but triggers increase in creativity and increases reflex response and logical thinking.

All of you gamers who are reading this article might already have thought that some of the points might have happened with you too. If so, please leave comments and let me know, what you want me to write in my next article too.

Happy Gaming.

Fantasy XV – More Enjoyable “IF”

Due to many player reviews of Final Fantasy XV I held back myself from buying it since 1 year. But with the Black Friday sale of 2017, the game was coming at a pretty cheap price of 1100 RS in India.

I told myself – It’s a Final fantasy game with huge open world and amazing combat mechanism (from what I have seen in Youtube videos). As I was so curious to try the game, I bought it this black friday.

I have already gone through numerous reviews, i knew what to expect from game. So I have played the game and finished the main story in 38 hours at level 47.

Since I was already expecting game to be NOT up to the mark, that may be was the reason, I enjoyed the game as I did not have big expectations from it.

From my experience of the game, the biggest disappointment was the story not being told properly. This time Square Enix got greedy and cut out the story from main game and released parts of story in DLCs. This has become common trend to the new generation of games and is very disappointing from a player point of view.

As every one who played FF XV complains that the side quests are basically fetch quests, I too found them horrible. Like just to get cargo from a broken vehicle or harvesting crops would yield you XP. There is no challenge or atleast basic story to those quests, which makes them unmotivated. I did them just to gain XP and level up. I had to gain XP, stay at hotel, gain XP, stay at hotel. This continuous process is a big chore and pain in the ass. After completing the quest, when using fast travel, I have to go through these heavy loading times. I felt like I was seeing loading screen more than playing the actual game.

Though the game has its own flaws, I enjoyed game. But I think there are couple of things to address in FF XV, if implemented properly, could have made the game more enjoyable.

Wait Mode and Active Mode
Switching between wait mode and Active mode is not implemented good. We have to go to options -> Combat and choose.

It could have been made simpler with mapping to a button like R3/RS. Option could have been provided to scan enemy weakness even in active mode, making wait mode for those who want to think of a strategy before engaging enemy actively.

Activating Armiger
Man I had really frustating moments activating my Armiger. When I was in Wait mode and tried to activate armiger, it ends up in wait mode, instead of activating armiger. We need to press L1&R1 for PS version very accurately. If not it wont trigger.

Why the hell would my HP deplete in armiger mode. I had to take a potion during armiger mode and armiger just depletes away. It would have been good if HP was not lost in armiger mode.

It was like regalia was on tracks or something. Even if I move it, it gets re-positioned. There was no fun driving myself in manual mode. Even in Auto mode, Ignis drives regalia and I just have to wait. To fast travel to any place, I have to get Ignis drive to that place atleast once.

Map Exploration
To go to a place, I have to go to regalia and then select Auto and check for fast travel options. This could have been avoided. Just select map and fast travel should have been given.

Even in Auto mode, there are 3 options. Parking spot, quest location and map point. Instead of entering into these options, I always end up clicking Auto and directly navigating to a map location. Then I realize “Oh S**t, I have to select Map location and then explore/navigate map”.

Even more options like Latitude and longitude positioning system may have been a great deal. Many of gamers look for a certain location in map through guides from websites. All guides will tell you the name of the location. You have to open map and look for it.

If latitude and longitude system was given, gamers could have directly jumped to their desired location using guides.

Summon Gods you wish
The summon gods thing is a great way of handling a deadly enemy. But with many reviews and even from my experience, only Shiva and Ramuh appear a lot. I could not see Titan or Levithan yet. I wish they would have given option to choose god too during summoning.

I understand that in a desert summoning Levithan would make no sense. In those situations, we could have got options to summon anyone from Ramuh, Titan & Shiva with Levithan option being greyed out.

Monster Hunts reward no XP
Monster hunts reward GIL and Items. XP can only be gained during hunting monsters, which is NOT much when compared to XP gained by doing fetch side quests like bringing item, taking photos or harvesting. So many gamers will skip monster hunting to play after finishing main quests.

Some other things that bothered me are

Forcing to camp at nights in first half of the game
During main quest of getting blessing from Ramuh by touching 3 crystals, I had no regalia. During this time, side quests could have been hidden. I accidentally engaged myself in a side quest, without renting chocobo. Man I walked 2 miles up and 2 miles down. It was a long walk.
The Ring of Lucii is not put to good use. It is neither exciting nor motivating to use. Use just have to equip it and use it. Looks very dumb in my opinion.
The Levithan fight. There was no chance of losing or dying in it. You go super saiyan suddenly and there was no challenge in that fight.
I may have been a good idea that change in attire impacted Noctis’s stats. But the idea was badly implemented. All the other attires decreases stat values too much. I ended up using the basic one given by game.
So these are couple of things that could have been improved in Final Fantasy XV and it would have been great unforgettable game

DLC is another name of cutting InGame story to make more Money

When we play a game and love it, We cannot stop ourselves from thinking how great the game is and would love the idea of playing the game a bit more.

DLC(Downloadable Content) was one way for the game developers to reach out to the gamers and offer more new content of same game, so that gamers can enjoy a bit more of the game they love.

Those days seem to be over now. There was an era, when DLC used to be kind of a gift & thank you note to the gamers.

But now DLC is being given a totally new idea. The idea of making more money from same game. It is being made by cutting story from the main game and being released later as DLC to fill the gaps of the main game.

This way gaming companies will ensure that gamers will buy the DLC to understand total story and gaming companies can make more money out of it.

Some of the games I know where story is being cut and released as DLC are

Final Fantasy XV
Episode Gladiolus, Prompto & Ignis should have been in main game. These episodes tell about what happened to them when they were missing in game for a short period of time.


Like what happened to Prompto after falling from train & what happened to Ignis eyes.

[End of Spoiler]

Resident Evil 7 – Banned Footage Vol 1.
It’s a very good puzzle to play once but there is not much replay value. If it would have been in main game along with birthday puzzle, it could have been great.

What other games do you think, where story is being cut from main game to make DLC